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The Two Are One

I journal. Or, at least I make an effort too (sometimes life gets crazy).

I used to have 2 notebooks – one for my personal devotions, and one for journaling my thoughts at the day’s end. In retrospect, my life was compartmentalized. Not in a terrible way, but in a way that didn’t fully relate my devotional readings and prayer to what happened that day.

I’ve since combined these notebooks into one.

I hear pastors talk about being relevant. There is nothing more relevant than the Bible. Fear not pastor, if you are preaching God’s Word, you are relevant!  And there is nothing more relevant then reflecting in your journal at the end of a busy day, and thinking about how you did, compared with God’s standard from that morning.

Our life and God’s Word should intersect a thousand times during the day. The two notebooks are one.

Do you journal? Do you keep a devotional notebook? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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