3 Reasons You Should Consider the Podium Cue App for Your Next Speech

Podium Cue is an iPad app that helps speakers organize their main points for effective presentations. Designed by Pastor Ron Hudson (@ronhudson) for just this purpose, I have found the app to be very useful. If you do public speaking of any kind – especially preaching – this may be the app for you.

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3 reasons to consider using this app are:

  • It will force you to be familiar with your topic
    The app is designed to use “big picture” thoughts, not detailed paragraphs. In fact, you can’t put a lot of words on each “slide”. If you need your entire sermon or speech in front of you, this isn’t for you. Some speakers (myself included) actually speak better without a manuscript in front of us. We work to know the material well, and only need road “markers” to guide us to our final destination. By not being tempted to “read” from the manuscript, we speak more from the heart in the moment. For a preacher, this is a powerful opportunity for God to move through you.
  • It is much more effective than glancing at a page of notes
    If you are like me, you highlight or bold or mark the next point you want to make on your page of notes. And if you’re like me, sometimes during your speaking, you have to scan, re-scan, and scan again to finally find that next point. It’s just hard to do sometimes. That’s one more thing for you to worry about, as if public speaking isn’t challenging enough. Podium Cue eliminates all of this “searching” while giving a speech.
  • It will make your life that much easier
    I unashamedly acknowledge that I love this app because it’s cool. But it’s cool because it’s simple, goes wherever I do, and takes less effort than a notebook or multiple printed pages might. In short, it solves a common problem in an up-to-date, simple way. It will make your speeches, and therefore your life, much simpler.

I use Podium Cue now whenever I speak. It has replaced my highlighted Microsoft Word document (including an electronic version). I highly recommend my readers check it out.


On the App Store

Question: What technology do you use when speaking? Leave a comment!




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