Breakfast with God


One of the most common analogies the Bible uses to help us understand our relationship with God is a parental one. The Bible teaches that God is our Father.

Now picture your relationship with your earthly dad. What if, for your entire life, you had a brief, one hour meeting with your dad once a week. How well would you know each other? More specifically, how well would you know his mind? Would you know his opinion on issues of life? Would you recognize his voice? Would you know the way he thinks?

Now imagine that you met with your dad once a day, every day, for breakfast. You had long talks about life, family, recreation, and many other topics. Then on the weekends, you got together some more. You spent hours with him then. How well would you know each other after keeping this routine for years?

See the difference?

It’s exactly the same with God. We can be sure God is speaking to us, if we are spending consistent time with Him. We will recognize His voice. We will understand and appreciate His instruction. We will know His opinions. We will be certain it is Him speaking.

And knowing God’s voice will help you as a leader make correct decisions.

Have breakfast with God.


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