As a church planter, I am always thinking about ways to grow a fledgling young congregation. My team is always trying something new, looking for a different outreach idea or discipleship process. Is it because our current stuff is no good? No, in fact it’s the best we can get it (and we think it’s pretty good!).

The point is that as church planters we are pioneers. We have to be. We have to constantly be on the move, creating, tinkering, changing, adjusting. If we don’t, we fail. If we don’t, this church won’t make it.

In fact, I would say that if you stop pioneering, your church won’t make it either.

Every church should be a pioneer church. We should never stop looking for new ways to reach people, new methods to communicate the truth of Jesus Christ, new tools to disciple those we reach. So even if your church has been around for a hundred years, start thinking like a pioneering church planter.

Here’s the question: Imagine you are pioneering a church plant in your city. You need to be effective in evangelism and discipleship to make it – to survive. What would you do differently than you are currently doing?

Whatever the answer is, go do that.


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