It’s About Time

I was reading in the book of 2 Thessalonians recently, and I was struck by a particular subject in Paul’s writing. Mainly, I was impressed at how straight forward he discussed the subject with the believers in the church.

The subject is eschatology, or “end time” prophecy. In Thessalonians chapter 2, Paul begins discussing in great detail and passion the time of the anti-Christ and his defeat when Jesus returns at the 2nd Coming. To close chapter 2, and continuing in chapter 3, Paul the addresses the church with his normal encouragement and benediction.

The point is this: Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, thought it completely normal to discuss difficult end times doctrine with believers. It was a normal, common thing for New Testament Christians to discuss end time events. 

My perception is that many churches today are ignoring the importance of teaching this important subject, filling the time instead with perceived “practical” sermons.

There is nothing more practical than remembering the eternal hope we have that Christ is ultimately victorious for us at the end of the age.

If your church hasn’t had a message on prophecy or the end times in the last 12 months, I humbly submit that you think of including it very soon.


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