A Certain Comfort

When starting a new ministry, unknown is the norm. What should I call it? Does it need a name? Does it need a logo? Who will it impact? Who will serve with me? Am I qualified for this? Am I sure this is God’s will?

However, in the midst of all the questions, there is comfort, or rather, the Comforter. And there is a certain comfort in following the Lord without knowing the full story. And that’s just it – we are following HIM, so the path will be straight. It may be bumpy, but it will end up in a good place.

Exodus 10:26: “….and we know not with what we must serve the Lord, until we come thither”

The children of Israel were about to depart from Egypt, and Moses admits to Pharaoh that he needed all of their cattle to go with them. Why? Well, he wasn’t exactly sure, but he knew he was going to need them. He did not have all the answers, but he knew he was obeying the Lord through his actions.

I think that’s the key. Obey the Lord in what you know, and allow Him to put the unknown pieces together. 


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