Rest Area: 2 Miles

My wife and I are independent Baptist missionaries, and so we had the task of raising our own support for our ministry. We traveled. A lot. Airports, train stations, interstates, and back roads were our life for 18 months. Did I mention we had a newborn in tow?

Needless to say, it was a rewarding albeit admittedly grueling time. And while driving down the road for hours at a time, there was one sign that brought joy to our entire family: “Rest Area 2 Miles”.

Ah, the rest area. Food and facilities, grass and trees. Despite being government run it was quite the welcome site. We knew at the rest area we could retool, reboot, refuel, and relax. The rest area provided a mental release – in the present and in the future. Not only did we enjoy it while we were taking a break, we enjoyed the thought of the next rest area while driving. In short, it gave us hope to continue.

 I take a day off every Friday. Or at least I make a solid effort. (Anyone in ministry knows you can’t plan for certain things). Friday is a time that I and my family look forward too, to be, you know….a family. It is a time to rest together; breathe together; laugh together; dream together.

As my good friend Ben reminded me the other day, some people in ministry take the view that “Satan doesn’t take a day off so neither can I.” Well my friend, you model your life after the devils pattern if you want. Let me know how that works out. I try to model mine after my Father and His Son. The former took a day off (and noted it specifically) and the latter often rested to recharge.

On Fridays, we exhale. And I think that’s how God intended it.

Do you have a weekly day off? Why or why not?


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