What Shapes You

It has been said that 2 things determine who you are: the people you meet and the books you read. I’d like to expound on that list for the times we find ourselves in…

You are shaped as a person by…

1) The media you consume
This includes traditional media, social media, books, iPad, iPod, etc, etc. We have so much information available to us. It affects us.

2) The people you communicate with
In our world, it’s not just the people you meet. I meet a lot of people. Offline and on. I communicate with a select few. Why? Because in my world that includes thousands of online friends, followers, and commenters, I have to be selective of who I pay attention too. Maybe I have time to Tweet back at you. Maybe I don’t. Maybe I have time to read your facebook note that you tagged me in for no apparent reason. Maybe I won’t. So I only communicate with a certain number of people each day, some online and some off, and they likewise for the same reason.

What media do you consume? And who do you choose to communicate with? They both impact you! 

Your comments below would be appreciated and helpful…

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2 thoughts on “What Shapes You

  1. luminousvignettes says:

    I know I am guilty of media overload sometimes. It definitely shapes me and I need to be a bit more wary of how much technological input I allow to enter innocently into my life without considering the impact it is having on me. I have slowly become addicted to checking my Twitter & Facebook & WordPress. Not bad things in and of themselves but allowed to run rampant, they are definitely time-eaters.

    • Marc Buxton says:

      Yes, but not so much the medium but the message. I think people misjudge the impact of TV shows, music, etc on their thinking. For Christians, this is an especially important topic….

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