Why I LOVE Chick-Fil-A

1- Truett Cathy is the man
My pastor once invited Truett to speak at our church. He declined. Because he teaches a boy’s Sunday school class and that is his priority on Sundays. Any other time would be fine, according to him.

2 – They sponsor an SEC v. ACC bowl game
Football is awesome in the South. In fact, everything is awesome in the South. Chick-Fil-A recognizes this, and wants to be involved. Enter the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

3- They sold food at reasonable prices @ Catalyst East 2010
The Catalyst Conference in Atlanta was great this year. Even greater, because Chick-Fil-A set up a tent outside of Gwinnett Arena to combat the outrageous prices for frozen cheeseburgers inside.

4- They play Christian music inside
I don’t know if this is franchise-wide, but the last few Chick-Fil-A’s I’ve been in have been getting their K-Love on.

5- The workers say “my pleasure”
Instead of a grunt, or “uh-huh”, your “thank you” is greeted with “my pleasure”. Mickey-D’s take note.

6 – They come to your table to refill your drinks
At a fast-food place. What the what?

7 – The commercials, billboards, etc. are tasteful AND hilarious
Hard to do. Props to the cows.

As Chick-Fil-A is clearly the Christian representative in the fast-food world, I feel it appropraite to stop this list at God’s number of perfection.

Feel free to add your own reasons below, starting with # 8….

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7 thoughts on “Why I LOVE Chick-Fil-A

  1. Walt Hatch says:

    #8 – They honor the Lord’s Day by not being open. Makes it easy for their employees to attend church with their families!

  2. luminousvignettes says:

    #9 There menu is simple. Chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, and variations on those. Compare to a place like Jack in the Box (which has decent food but far too many endless choices to perplex your dining experience) and you will see what I mean.

    #10 The endless selection of sauces are a perfect complement to their delicious food. So many great sauces to choose from means you can enjoy the same item and augment it with a different sauce for a completely new taste bud experience. I especially love the Honey Roasted BBQ.

    #11 I worked at Chick-fil-A for a year during college. ‘Nuff said.(I still say “My pleasure” after every thank you. Thanks Chick-fil-A for instilling in me such good manners.)

    #12 On a regular basis, Chick-fil-A will give out free sandwiches. Not regular enough, but I don’t see McDonald’s or Burger King handing out free food ever, so that definitely gives Chick-fil-A a one up on the competition in my book. (I could literally keep going on and on, so I will reign myself in here.)

  3. Kristen says:

    #13. They are VERY toddler friendly! They provide infant/toddler placemats for the table, small cups of cheerios for impatient little ones to munch on while you wait, under 3 toys available in kids meals if requested, and all of the playgrounds have a toddler area! Sometimes the bigger kids take over fast food play areas so it’s very nice to have an area designated for younger children!

  4. Rebekka says:

    The Chick-fil-a in our town in PA did a promotion about once every 2 months called “Save The Receipt Day.” You go in on the appointed day you go & buy your food, save your receipt, & then any time the next month you could take your receipt back & get EVERYTHING on your receipt for free!

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