Evolution and the Iron

I recently saw a TV commercial from Black & Decker. They have a new iron that doubles as a handheld steamer. Pretty cool concept. But this is not a review post. I hate ironing. The point of this post is not to discuss the product, but the commercial.

In the commercial, the tagline for the new “variable steam” iron is “evolution of the iron”. In addition to using this phrase, the voice on the commercial uses the term “redesigned”. This caught my attention. Did the iron evolve or was it designed?

I think this question is representative of many real life assertions that we encounter everyday. In discussions concerning the universe, these two ideas – evolution and design – are contradictory. As Ben Stein proved so adeptly in his documentary “Expelled”, Intelligent Design and Evolution are, in fact, sworn enemies. Yet I will often hear proponents of evolution slip up and use terms like “designed”, “designer”, “engineered”, etc.

My theory? These “slip ups” are just the manifestation of what we were made to understand: to have a design, you must have a designer.

I hope Black & Decker updates their marketing to make it a bit more logically consistent.

What about you? Have you ever heard someone use these two ideas in a self-defeating way? Please comment.

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2 thoughts on “Evolution and the Iron

  1. Mark Bergemann says:

    On a related note, I am always surprised to see so many commercials advocate lying, steeling, and evolution. Why would these companies pay money to drive away a significant portion of their customers? Are they even aware that half the US still believes in creation, and many still believe lying and stealing are wrong?

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