Photoshop iPhone App

I posted awhile back about some of my favorite iPhone apps. That was before I had acquired this little gem. The official Adobe Photoshop app – PS Express – is now one of my favorite and most used apps. It allows you to do a variety of things with your photos including:

Crop, Straighten, Rotate, Flip

Change your Exposure, Tint, Contrast, etc.

Add Effects and Borders

For someone who has little experience in photo editing and no experience using Photoshop, I found this app a breeze. It has allowed me to increase the quality of the pics I upload online. And I can edit a pic using this program in under 3 minutes. Very cool.

If you have an iPhone and you upload pictures, I would highly recommend you try this app. Did I mention it’s FREE?

Here’s some example of pics I’ve edited using the app:

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2 thoughts on “Photoshop iPhone App

  1. luminousvignettes says:

    Thanks for the tip-off on that app, Marc. I’m going to go and download it pronto. That is really cool.

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