San Antonio

I don’t post too often about our missionary travels/life. I try to keep things diverse and interesting. But it’s always good to stop and let my readers and friends  know what is going on….

This week we are in beautiful San Antonio, continuing to raise support for our ministry on deputation (see my blog post about deputation). We have had a wonderful time in just a few days here in Texas. This past Sunday, we shared our ministry with a church in the area, and they were so moved by what God is doing that the church voted – on the spot – to partner with our ministry financially. That is a rarity! We give all the glory to God for that.

Monday is usually my day off, and yesterday was no exception. It was exceptional, however. We were able to visit one of America’s most historic landmarks, The Alamo. I learned a lot of cool history about the fight for Texas independence, and was quite pleased to learn that the commanding officer and hero of the Alamo was a fellow South Carolinian (Travis).

Our historic trip to the Alamo was also a family affair, as we were able to share the weekend with my wife’s brother and his family. Luke and Kelly Lyons are also missionaries ( and were in San Antonio at the same time. It was great to see our two little boys, cousins who will grow up together in Manila, hanging out for the first time.

Deputation is full of ups and downs, trials and rewards. This weekend was mostly ups and rewards, and it was a wonderful blessing as such. In fact, in just the last week we have had two churches start supporting our ministry financially, helping us reach more people with the gospel of Christ. If you would like information on how you can help our ministry, visit

Please share your prayer requests in the comment section below, and I will pray for them. Will you pray for us as well?

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