Kids in Mind

With the birth of our son, Reece, my wife and I are starting to think more and more about certain influences and how they will affect him in the coming years. Particularly of interest is the influence of media, in all it’s forms, but particularly movies and television. Other than music, these two media forms probably hold the most sway in our lives.

How do you decide what to watch and what not to watch? What is good and what is bad? In thinking about this, I’ve determined 3 things:

1) You cannot trust the movie ratings system
Hollywood is not getting better. The movies that are rated “PG-13” now would probably have received the “R” rating just a few years ago. I’ve even seen some ‘PG” movies that weren’t quite famiy appropriate.

2) You cannot trust the previews
Hollywood is getting wiser. They realize that there is at least some moral pulse left in America, and so they aren’t going to show you all the bad stuff in the previews. When is the last time you heard a curse word in a preview? Side note: don’t you hate it when the previews contain all the best/funniest parts of a move? I hate that…

3) You cannot trust your friends
I have a lot of friends that I would trust to recommed a movie as “family-friendly”. I also have a lot of friends that I would not trust. Because their definition of “family-friendly” is much different than mine, I’ve learned not to trust word of mouth alone.

So what is the solution?
For several years now, I have been consulting a website called Kids in Mind” (
The site offers reviews, not of the storyline, but of the content. They rate movies on a scale of 1-10 in 3 categories: “Sex & Nudity”, “Violence & Gore”, and “Profanity”. I find this site very helpful in determining what movies we are going to rent and more importantly – which ones we aren’t (we hardly ever go into a theater. Redbox is a good friend of ours).

This site has been helpful to me as a single guy, a married man, and now as a father of a young child. I imagine it will be even more helpful when I am the father of teenagers….

I challenge you to check out your movie on Kids-in-Mind before your next viewing, and ask yourself a few questions while you read the review: Is this movie appropriate? Do my children need to see this? Would God want me to watch this?

What about you – how do you determine what movies to watch?


4 thoughts on “Kids in Mind

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Marc – I’m glad you like Kids in Mind. As a father of 4, I find it invaluable as well. If you’d like to take the movie ratings with you, check out Kids in Mind for the iPhone at


  2. luminousvignettes says:

    Thanks for sharing that site, Marc. The past few weeks it seems like we’ve been around a lot of kids lately, and it has given me pause to contemplate my future parenting choices. I definitely want to be deliberate and Christ-exalting in what I allow my kids to watch. I will have to start checking out this website.

    • Marc Buxton says:

      It’s definitely a great site. It’s called “Kids in Mind”, but I think it should be called “Purity in Mind”….the site reviews apply for kids as well as adults. My thing is – if you couldn’t show it to a group of kids in church, should you really be watching it anyway? I think we’ve bought into the stuff Hollywood sells us, a lot of times without thinking Biblically about what we’re digesting….but that’s for another blog post….

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