SAGE: My Notes

Yesterday I attended SAGE, a web conference put on by Leadership Network. As the name implies, the conference intention was for those who have “been there” to share  ministry leadership wisdom. I jotted down notes during the speaker’s presentations, and here are the points I found most beneficial:

1 – Hire based on chemistry and character rather than competence and credentials

2- Be both very spiritual and very strategic. They don’t cancel each other out.

3-Focus on the things that God has gifted you to do. What does your organization need from you the most?

4-Internalizing problems does not allow you to be fully present with others OR be focused to hear God’s direction. Solution: invite trusted people into your inner circle and externalize ministry frustrations

5-Set-up your ministry with an exit strategy in mind. Make it easy for your successor.

6-Serve God. Leave the size and scope of your ministry up to Him.

7- Don’t trade worshipping God for working for God.

8 – In the end, only one Person matters. Spend time with Christ, and accomplish more as a result.

9 – Do less. Focus on things that matter.

10 – Sin affects our relationship with God AND with others. Christ is the cure for both problems.

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2 thoughts on “SAGE: My Notes

  1. Dave Travis says:

    Thanks for watching SAGE. Good summary comments.

    Dave Travis
    Managing Director
    Leadership Network

  2. David Campbell says:

    Marc, I have a Phd. and am the resident scholar in my house referring to number 9. If you ever need any pointers or would like to shadow me “doing less” I would be more than happy to help 🙂

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