What are the chances?


Usually when we travel to a church, we set up a display table in their lobby with our prayer cards, banners,  and other info. We needed something to transport our banners, as they will not fit in a regular suitcase. Long story short – I had the idea of using a golf bag travel case. I had this idea after we had all but given up looking for banner tubes at shipping supply stores around town and online for weeks. I also had this idea as we were pulling out of the parking lot of Office Depot (looking for shipping tubes) and I see the “Sporting Authority” sign. Did I mention I needed this banner tube for a flight the next day? Did I mention we are out of town in Florida visiting my sister? So we go inside, and see that they have the golf club travel cases on clearance for $79.99. That’s a pretty good deal. So we decide to get one. The guy rings it up at the register. $29.99.

What are the chances of that working out? I just happen to think of using a golf travel case, I just happen to notice a “Sporting Authority” sign, they just happen to have cases, and just happen to have them on clearance – deep clearance. Wow. Thanks God!


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