Deputation – Part 2

In Deputation – Part 1 I discussed what deputation involves – who we are deputing for. Now, I’d like to get into the process of how it actually works. If you are confused by the process of deputation, you’re not alone. Many people we talk to don’t understand all the ins and outs. In fact, if we weren’t missionaries I doubt we’d understand it either.

A missionary, by simple definition, is someone who is sent to a geographical location other than his own to share the gospel. But sent by whom? The Bible says in Acts 13:4 that missionaries are sent by the Holy Spirit: So they, being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, departed unto Seleucia…

It is God who calls a person to the foreign mission field, not a church, denomination, or pastor. I wasn’t very good in 7th grade geography, and I doubt I could have picked the Philippines out on a map. I might have picked Japan by mistake. But now, I have a heart for the people there and to see them have their lives changed by Christ. How do you explain that? It’s simple: God has laid it on our hearts.

So you see, God through His Holy Spirit has directed us where to go.

Where has God asked you to go? What person, or group of people, has He laid on your heart?


One thought on “Deputation – Part 2

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