Deputation – Part 1

deputation (n): the act of appointing a person or body of people to represent or act on behalf of others

We are on deputation as missionaries. So who are we deputing for? Probably still the most famous deputy in America is Barney Fife, Andy Griffith’s one-bullet side kick. He represented Mayberry in all things criminal, as well as civil (think “citizens arrest, citizens arrest!” ) As missionaries, we are representing our ministry in several different ways. First and foremost, we are representing God, as He is the One who has laid our ministry on our hearts and continually opens doors for us. We also represent our church, Florence Baptist Temple, as we are out on the road visiting other churches. Interelated to the other two is the fact that we represent the people of Metro Manila. Over 18 million people, 50% of whom are under the age of 25, live in Manila. As a majority they do not know Christ and are confused by religion.

We represent people like our HDM Asia team member, Rodelle Macale. Here is his testimony:

“I am Rodelle Macale. I am 21 years old and like many young people now I am the product of a broken family. During my first year in high school I became involved in a gang. There I learned alot of bad things like saying many bad words to my teachers, fighting with many of my schoolmates, gang war, partying, marijuana, and immorality. Then one time one of my friends invited me to go to the Impact Camp, and he said it was for free. At the camp on May 29, 2007 I accepted Christ in my heart as my Lord and personal Savior and I decided to follow His will. At first it was really hard for me, but God is always there to help me change by process. I am now a member at Community Baptist Church Makati. I became involved first in the martial arts ministry of Toughguys International, and also Kids Jam, and drama ministry! Now God is still using me mightily in Honest Deceiver Ministries. This is a magic ministry, and I can do magic tricks with a card deck, illustrating the Word of God through this! I can win of minimum 50 souls for the Lord every month! I really love to share the Gospel every time I perform, and I always perform the magic for free! Because I received the gospel for free so I can share it also for free with amazement through card tricks! =) But I always give back all the glory to God! And now God is using me mightily in the church planting team for Community Baptist Church Mandaluyong.”

We are deputing so that we can see Jesus change other Filipino’s just like He changed Rodelle. So that is what deputation is about. That’s why we do this. In coming posts, we will talk about how the deputation process works…


2 thoughts on “Deputation – Part 1

  1. luminousvignettes says:

    Wow, great way of looking at Deputation. Thanks Marc for making me stop and think about what it means, rather than just doing it. Not to mention, Don Knotts is a personal hero of mine, so drawing that connection certainly pumped me up (I particularly love “The Ghost & Mr. Chicken”, classic). I look forward to the next post.

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