Mr. Eternity

If you’ve never heard the story of Mr. Eternity, Google him or click here. His story is amazing. Mr. Eternity was an Australian eformed alcoholic who converted to Christianity and spread the gospel by writing the word “Eternity” in chalk on footpaths in Sydney, Australia for approximately 35 years. It is one of my favorite testimonies, and his story makes up my favorite tract to hand to people with questions about Christ.

My home church, Florence Baptist Temple, produces the tract with his story and why it is important to consider eternity.

I hand out the tract all the time (or try to at least). Next post, I will tell you about my most recent experience doing just that….

Question: Do you have a favorite tract or witnessing tool?


2 thoughts on “Mr. Eternity

  1. Jordan Nisly says:

    Thanks for sharing this story Marc, I will look it up. I had not heard about this before but it sounds like an incredible testimony of the power of witnessing.

  2. […] “Here you go”, I said. “It’s one of my favorite stories“.” […]

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