Brit Hume

The funny thing about this is that I have had the exact same thoughts about this whole Tiger Woods scandal. Don’t you think the same way whenever you hear about another celebrity life falling apart? “If they only knew Jesus”. The difference is that Brit Hume has a platform and put his entire career on the line to, I believe, reach out to Woods, and be a witness to millions who were watching. I also think it is amazing to see the reaction that people have at the mention of Jesus Christ. Like the old hymn says so simply, “there’s just something about that name.”.

What do you think about Hume’s testimony and use of his platform? Was it the right thing to do?


6 thoughts on “Brit Hume

  1. It was absolutely the wrong thing to say just as a politican having to profess a belief in a mythical diety is wrong. Religion is faith based and is a highly personal matter. That Hume would presume to know the answers to an unaswerable queestion (does God exist) is repugnent and has no place in the media. What about Jews or other relgions. Might that be offenive to them, or does this not matter, since in Hune’s world they are all going to hell anyway?

    • dakan69 says:


      There’s a logical aspect to “religion” as well (I quote the word because I don’t even like using it). And where in the “religion rule-book” did you pull out that it was a ‘highly personal matter?’

      Your word choice of “unanswerable” is more opinion than it is fact, don’t you think?

  2. Marc Buxton says:

    Keith – thanks for the comment. As a Christian myself, I’d like to offer a friendly challenge to you, and anyone else reading : read the book of John with an open mind. Take a couple of days and explore the possibility that God is Who He says He is in the Bible. “Okay, God – IF You are there, I want to find You”. Do that with an open heart and mind, and you WILL find Him. What can it hurt?

    Christianity is offensive by nature. It was Christ that claims exclusivity, not Hume.


  3. dakan69 says:

    Of course I absolutely loved what Hume did. Whether it was politically correct or not makes it all the better. I applaud anyone who uses any platform to speak the name of Christ. Jesus always ruffled feathers – I say keep ruffling. Not like we’re gonna be here very long anyway.

    Also, I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while too. I read this article back in the beginning of December – it was interesting:

    • dakan69 says:

      The first half of that article might not interest you so much, but it is funny. The second half of the article he begins by asking the question: “Speaking of the media, what is this Tiger Woods infidelity feeding-frenzy really all about? The media was dragged kicking and screaming to the Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and other Democrat scandals. So why are they gleefully focused on digging up dirt on Tiger 24/7?”

      I liked his answer.

  4. OK, I get it now. Rapture. Just out of curiosity, how old do you believe the earth is?

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