I have spent a few minutes the last few mornings conveniently removing myself from various company email lists. I realized that I never have time to read the “Bassmasters” newsletter (though I’d like too), and I never buy anything from B&N because Amazon is way, way cheaper every time (used books are where it’s at).

There is a point to spending time removing my name from these lists: saving time in the long run. I found that I was spending  time just in scanning and deleting these emails – time that adds up and can be used for other things. So I am on an unsubcribing kick. The nice thing is, the good companies make it easy by providing a link at the bottom of the e-mail.

How much time are you wasting on junk email?

If you’d like to receive our ministry newsletter (only once a month and NOT junk), click here. We have some very exciting news coming in January. Don’t worry – we have an unsubsribe option too.

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One thought on “Unsubscribe

  1. Delicious says:

    Haha – I was thinking this exact same thing this morning as I went through and deleted the same various emails that I delete everyday. I was like, “Why don’t I just unsubscribe?”

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