Jessi and I are at a missionary camp in Ponderosa, CA. FACT: CA is cold in November, at this elevation (6400 ft). Learning alot, much of it missionary specific, but some of it general good knowledge. One of the best points yet:

Some people are willing and ready, they just need to be told what to do. Are you willing to tell people what they should do biblically speaking? If it is hard? Politically incorrect? Think about it….

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2 thoughts on “Camp

  1. Delicious says:

    I sent A.B., Travis, and Chris (3 friends that I grew up with) each a Bible and a journal this week in the mail. I wrote them a letter with my conversion testimony and how reading the Bible has changed my life. I asked them each to start in Matt. 6, reading a chapter a day and writing down anything that comes to mind in their journal.

    I agree, these guys might be willing and ready, so I’m telling them what to do :). Pray that God works miracles here.

  2. Marc Buxton says:

    That’s cool man. If they take you up on it, I guarantee it will have results….

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