Our First TreePerhaps you’ve seen my blog post about Christmas already. I like Christmas. By far my favorite holiday. But when my wife suggested that we put up our very first Christmas tree back in September….I was a bit skeptical…

She was born and raised in the Philippines, and in the city of Metro Manila they begin their Christmas celebrations before we Americans have fully enjoyed our Labor Day weekend. The malls, lamp posts, houses, businesses, and banks are all decorated for Christmas in full by now – and Jessica was reminiscing of home. So, I climbed up into the attic, got our tree down, and set it up. We decorated it a couple nights later…..I still wasn’t sure about all of this….wasn’t it going to interfere with my enjoyment of all the holidays before Christmas?

Now it’s been up for about 3 weeks, and I gotta tell ya….  it’s pretty nice. You know that warm feeling you get around Christmas time?  The one that is even more special for those of us who know Christ….  we’ve had that since September…

I highly recommend you go ahead and decorate your tree this week…..


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