Many of you are aware of the situation in Manila, Philippines due to the recent flooding caused by Typhoon Ondoy. The typhoon (equal to our “tropical storm”) has caused the worst flooding in the last 4 decades. The cities of Metro Manila, including Pasig and Makati, are underwater. Hundreds of people are confirmed dead and thousands more have lost everything to the flooding. Now Typhoon Parma (picture above) is bearing down, and may develop into a “super-Typhoon”.

Here are a few accounts directly from our team in Manila:

Antioch Baptist Church, founded by team member/missionary Roger Akers, experienced heavy damage and flooding. Roger spent the day after the typhoon digging mud out of the first floor in prepartion for utilizing the church as a relief center. The church is now being used as a relief staging center for the town.

Team member/missionary Isaac Basilio was ministering at a fellow pastor’s house when the flood waters hit. The waters rose to 6 feet, and Isaac survived on a ladder inside the house. His car was submerged outside, and will need to be replaced.He recounted hearing the night-time cries of people beng swepped away by the flood waters.

Some of our HDM Asia team members are assisting their churches with distributing food and water. Our team graphic designer, Jhun Tarol, lost his entire house in the floods.

The need is great not only for our team, but for the people of Manila. They need our support. Our team missionaries and pastors are seeking to use this time to share the Good News of Christ with people who are broken and open because of the recent calamity. We see God move in times like these in our own nation (think 9/11), and we are praying that God will use this to draw many to His side in the Philippines.

If you can help, please donate funds to assist with our relief and evangelism efforts. You can give one of two ways: 

Send funds by downloading and printing this form. Your donation is tax deductible.

Or donate via PayPal:

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