Yesterday I was on a conference call with some team members about the recent flooding in Manila due to the typhoon (more on this in a few days). To facilitate the call we used I was amazed by the ease and simplicity of the equally amazing FREE service.

It works like this: you sign up and they email you a conference phone number and access code. Up to 96 people can participate in the call (seriously?!). As the admin, you can press *9 at any time during the call to record the conference, which is stored on their servers. Did I mention this is all FREE? For business owners and professionals this is a great service.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Michael Hyatt (see blogroll) recently posted on his blog a video from Wired magazine. In the video, it talks about how as technology increases, online services will gradually become cheaper until they eventually become free. The economy of free. That’s where we are headed kids. No word yet on how this will fit into the current socialist trend of our country….

Speaking of FREE technology, I just downloaded the new Starbucks App….made a custom drink called Choc Cap….sweet….


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