Christmas in….August?

I know the cool thing to do would have been to post this in July….thereby giving the post a catchier title. But…I didn’t come across this website until just now, and it is August already, unfortunately. Timeliness aside, this website answers a question that I think a lot of Christians struggle with: how do we make Christmas meaningful AND fun? We know about keeping Christ in Christmas, and that He is the real “reason for the season”. But there’s also nothing wrong with celebrating with family, friends, presents, and parties. At first glance, the folks at Advent Conspiracy have come up with a very good answer to this dilemma.

Now that I have a family of my own, I am more aware of the importance of creating a Christ honoring Christmas tradition. I am going to think about this take on things some more over the coming weeks, and I encourage you to do the same….

ur 2-d0 4 2-day: re-think for upcoming December traditions in August


One thought on “Christmas in….August?

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