So much of our world today is results driven. We have sales quotas at work to meet. When we throw a party, it had better be a good time. And is that automatic carwash really cleaning anything at all? Results. We are driven to require, expect, and deliver them. And pushing for results often leads to one thing: anxiety. A fear of not meeting expectations of yourself or others is a common problem and is deterrent for being all you can be all the time. Unfortunately, this results=anxiety formula often spills over into our spiritual lives. If you are living to serve God, you want to accomplish things for Him. If you are actively serving Him, you may be anxious about seeing (or not seeing) certain results. But there is nothing to worry about here. God promises that we will be successful for Him – IF we follow His prescription. What is it?  Turn to Psalm 1:1-3. Go ahead. Verses 2 and 3 say that if we meditate on God’s Word that God will bless us, and whatever we do will be prosperous. He promises that we will produce (spiritual) fruit – no question about it. What a promise! And fruit is something that you can see – there will be no question about it.

Now, this verse does not teach that if you read God’s Word you will be able to try whatever business venture you want and have the Midas touch. There is an important principle here. If we are meditating on God’s Word, and delighting (verse 2) in God’s Word, the desires of our heart will become His desires (Psalm 37:4). We will want to prosper – for God!

So there you have it – a promise that takes all of the anxiety out of ministry. Seek God and delight in His Word, and He will use you to produce fruit and further His Kingdom!

ur 2-d0 4 2-day: Meditate on His Word. Serve. Expect Results.


2 thoughts on “Results

  1. David Campbell says:

    Nice word Marc! (applause)

  2. David Campbell says:

    The post-modern churches across the nation practicing liberal methodologies for church growth would also do well to heed “the prescription”. Their motto: “Reaching people the Bible and the Holy Spirit can’t”. They are successfully carrying out this task by implementing this mission statement: “A group gathered together to attract the lost by appealing to the lusts of the flesh via culturally relevant church experiences.” Fooey… I pray the Lord of Hosts will raise up mighty “come out from among them and be ye seperate” men of God to be the salt and light. Down with the Marc Driscoll’s….Down with the Perry Nobles…We need men who know that only by meditating on the Word of God may we and our churches be blessed. Men who know that just because a church isn’t growing in numbers doesn’t mean that it isn’t being blessed through faithfullness to the Word of God. Churches are caving in to that results=anxiety equation and making a mockery of the N.T. church in doing so.

    His way or the highway…


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