the all important “em”

Embrace, embryo, emotion, Eminem….all of these cute-cuddly things start with “em”. Okay, forget the cute and cuddly on that last one, but you get the point. The prefix “-em” begins a lot of words in our English language, but none may be more important than “empathy”. This is the idea communicated by the Apostle Paul in Hebrews 13:3.

Look it up. Right now. (interactive blogging, remember?). Got it?  Good.

Paul is saying here that we must feel other people’s pain – that we must treat their suffering as if it was our own. This flies in the face of the ever prevailing “well he needs to man-up”, or “that’s their problem, not mine” attitude. According to God, it is your problem. So what are we supposed to do? Paul doesn’t give us a specific action to take, though he does imply it. But Christ does. In Matthew 25:36 (you know the drill), our Lord gives specific actions that we should take as a result of our empathetic awareness. If you follow His command, you will ensure that you put the all important “-em” in front of pathetic today.

ur 2-d0 4 2-day: Help someone who has a problem as if it were your own.


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