rainbows, and butterflies, and compromise

I was studying the first chapter in Ezekiel – the famous “wheel within a wheel” account of Ezekiel’s vision. The passage is highly figurative yet very visual. One of the things Ezekiel describes is what most scholars understand to be God’s chariot. In verse 28, we read a description of the “likeness” of the glory of God (an interesting difference between just the glory of God) – and it appears as a rainbow. This idea of a rainbow encompassing God’s throne or presence is mentioned several other times in Scripture (Rev 4:3 for instance). So, as I read that whole chapter, I just got a sense of the glory of the Lord. If you haven’t read it in a while (Ezekiel 1), take a minute and read through it – it is an awesome mental image. Go ahead. I’ll wait for you to finish.

Done?  Ok…now let’s continue. (I am dubbing this “interactive blogging”)

But what do we usually think of when we think of a rainbow? Even when we are attempting to be spiritual…. “God’s promise to never send a worldwide flood ever again”. Very good kids. It does represent that. But, according to Scripture, a rainbow is also how God’s glory appears to man. So, when we see a rainbow we are really seeing a small glimpse of what it would be like to see God’s glory. When I picture a rainbow, I always picture it on a bright day, with the sun behind it – almost a blinding light around it. Even a small child, when they draw a rainbow, draw it with a sun beside it. This is God’s picture to us of His glory!

What is the other thing we usually think about when we think rainbows? In todays context…. Oh come on – you probably thought it before you opened this blog. Gay pride. Is there any small coincidence that the very representation of the glory of God has been perverted and now represents the “alternate lifestyle” that is “available”? Satan does everything he can to undermine and diminish the glory of God, including turning a powerful biblical truth on its head, causing even the most spiritual of us to miss God’s real intention for a created symbol.

So the next time you see a rainbow, don’t just think “Noah”. Think about what an awesome, majestic God we serve. God is not your “homeboy”. He is the God of the universe, who rides on a chariot, goes where He wills, sits on a sapphire throne, and is surrounded by fire and blinding light.



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