Recent Happenings

Honest Deceiver MinistriesWhere have I been? That may be the question you are asking yourself lately if you’ve tried to contact me through my website or by phone. Answer: Japan, The Philippines, and Thailand! For the past 2 months or so I have been traveling internationally, taking my magic on the road in a serious way. I performed in front of a total of 10,000 people while in Manila, Phillipines! But these were no ordinary performances – they were the launch of a brand new venture: Honest Deceiver Ministries. To get a hint at what HDM is all about, please visit the website here. More information on HDM coming soon….

To learn more about the work that I was doing in Manila, please visit my flickr page and check out some of the cool shots. (Alot of them were taken by my girlfriend who as it turns out is a pretty good photographer, videographer, driver, P.A., and companion! more on that later…  :p )

As of right now, I am back in the States for a good while, and I am excited to begin performing once again. Check out the schedule page for updates on where I will be next! (I know, I know…it was severely out dated for about 2 months!) Call me or send me an e-mail for any questions you have about…..anything!

Until then,


p.s. – I’m a poet, and if you didn’t know it, you can see my poems on my other blog.


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